Guests with wheelchairs:

The Starry Night suite is able to be adapted into an accessible room. All openings are 36" wide and there is a 60" turning radius within the room. This first floor room has two exits that lead to a ramp directed to the parking lot. A handicap parking space is reserved for your use. The bathroom is equipped with a pedestal wide basin sink, a grab bar and an adjustable-height/hand held shower head. We would be happy to set up our bath transfer and raised toilet seats for you convenience. You may bring your own equipment if you wish but we cannot be responsible for set up. We regret that any damages to permanent bathroom fixtures from installation or use of your equipment must be charged to your room rate. The common area is also accessible and available for your enjoyment.

The Moonshadow Suite is an easy access first floor suite but is not able to accommodate a person with a wheelchair; but still may be equipped with raised toilet seat and bath transfer bench.

Guests with visual impairments:

The first floor offers an uncluttered and straight forward walking area for your safety and accessibility. The hardwood floors provide a level walking surface and we have labeled all suites and common rooms on the lower level for your convenience. The computer in the common area is set-up with accessible options and speakers for your availability. We are also beginning a collection of books on tape and have a CD/DVD collection in the library.

The Moonshadow is available for guests with guide dogs. We ask that your guide dog be kept on her lead when in the common area and walked in the designated dog run area. According to NYS Department of Health you are required to pick up your dog's feces at the time of defecation. We will maintain the dog run by periodically raking the area. We regret that any damages to the room due to chewing or accidents caused by your dog must be charged to your room rate.

Guests with hearing impairments:

All the first floor area has appropriate fire/smoke alarm systems. Our televisions offer closed captions for your convenience. We also offer access to a computer in the common area and wired/wireless internet service in all our rooms.